Chef Marcus Guiliano is a renowned figure in the culinary world, celebrated as an award- winning chef-restaurateur, esteemed business consultant, prolific multi-book business author, and a captivating professional speaker. His passion for food, unwavering commitment to sustainability, and dedication to promoting real, ethically sourced ingredients have earned him the prestigious title of “America’s Top Food Activist” by OneGreenPlanet. In 2003, Marcus, alongside his devoted wife, embarked on an extraordinary venture by founding what is today’s Most Awarded Restaurant in the Hudson Valley, Aroma Thyme Bistro.




Chef Vincent Tropepe is a Brooklyn, NY native. His deep Italian roots as well as the influence of his grandmothers have inspired him to become a chef. Vincent Tropepe has worked in every avenue of the food business.

He has also had his work featured in numerous newspapers, magazines, online magazines, and blogs. Vincent is also a published cook- book author with his first release titled: “From Behind the Kitchen Doors”. His other works include “SLAUGHTERED: How Inconsistent Lockdowns Collapsed the Hospitality Industry During Covid 19” and “Roasted, Chopped, & Beaten: When Cities Declare War on the Restaurants That Feed Them.”


 Chef Ric Orlando is a legend in the Hudson Valley of New York. He is a Bobby Flay beater and two-time Chopped winner. Former chef/owner of Woodstock’s famous New World Home Cooking, Chef Ric is currently keeping busy with cooking classes, pop-up events and exploring the culinary world by traveling.

Voted the 2021 Best Hudson Valley Chef by Chronogram Magazine, he’s recently created a line of seasonings and sauces, Ric Orlando’s Best.

You can keep up with all things Chef Ric at



Debbie Gioquindo, a wine connoisseur, entrepreneur, and Poughkeepsie, New York native, whose zest for life will leave you both informed and entertained! This former radio marketing and community relations pro is now affectionately known as the Hudson Valley Wine Goddess, and her passion for all things wine is nothing short of contagious.

As a renowned wine writer and blogger, Debbie’s expertise extends far and wide, earning her the 38th spot on Excel Wines’ list of most influential wine bloggers in the world and Top 101 Wine Writers in 2020! With a deep commitment to her craft, Debbie is also the author of Tapping the Hudson Valley, a guidebook featuring day trips and weekend itineraries to explore the Hudson Valley’s finest craft beverage producers.