Discover The Best New York & Hudson Valley Wineries
July 13, 2023

Discover The Best New York & Hudson Valley Wineries

Prepare your taste buds for a truly remarkable experience at the upcoming Hudson Valley Wine & Food Festival – presented by As wine enthusiasts eagerly anticipate this year’s event, one thing is certain: the festival will showcase an impressive lineup of New York and Hudson Valley wineries, each offering a delightful selection of wines that reflect the region’s rich viticultural heritage.

A celebration of all things wine, The Hudson Valley Wine & Food Festival offers New York wineries the ability to sell wine by the bottle, offering a marvelous opportunity for our guests to purchase the state’s finest wines directly from the winery. We often have a few select international wines and liquors represented for our guests who like to explore wine beyond New York. 
Another highlight of the event is the fact that many of the grape growers and winemakers are in attendance.  This offers a fantastic chance for oenophiles to really learn about the wine and ask questions of the people responsible for creating it. Know of any New York or Hudson Valley Wineries, Distilleries, or Cideries that are interested in becoming a vendor at our event? Check out our Become A Vendor Page!

What Can You Expect From a Hudson Valley Winery?

When you visit a Hudson Valley winery, you can expect a blend of heritage and innovation, with passionate vintners creating world-class wines from both classic and unique grape varieties.

Your visit will likely include a guided tour of the winery, providing a glimpse into the art and science of winemaking. Walking through the neatly rowed vineyards, you’ll learn about the terroir and microclimates that shape the distinctive character of Hudson Valley wines. You’ll then step into the cellars, where the aroma of aging wines will envelop you. Expect a convivial wine tasting session, where you’ll get to sample a spectrum of wines, ranging from crisp, dry whites to bold, complex reds, as well as the region’s famed fruit wines. As you sip, you’ll gain an appreciation for the nuances that set Hudson Valley wines apart.

Experience the Best Hudson Valley Wineries in One Location

The Best Hudson Valley Wineries & Vineyards join us annually for the Hudson Valley Wine & Food Fest at the Dutchess County Fairgrounds, always the weekend after Labor Day. 

Taste the bounty of New York and experience the Hudson Valley like you never have before.

Will you be there September 9th & 10th  as we raise our glasses to the exceptional wines that the New York and Hudson Valley regions have to offer?

See all the Wineries and vendors attending in 2023 here:

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